Wales Life Sciences Investment Fund

The Wales Life Sciences Investment Fund (WLSIF) was initiated in 2012 by the Welsh Government as a key part of developing a successful and vibrant Life Sciences sector in Wales.

ALS was given the remit of managing the fund and making Wales an attractive destination for UK and international companies operating in the sector.

Since its inception, the WLSIF has:

  • Created a portfolio of 10 investments.

  • Delivered an internal rate of return (IRR) of 26% (3-year IRR at 31 March 2016)

  • Attracted £380m UK and international co-investment

  • Created 150 high-tech and highly skilled jobs and aims to create a further 200

  • Established a portfolio of 23 highly valuable therapeutic products and medical devices currently under development for stroke, cancer, blindness, respiratory disease, vascular disease, cystic fibrosis and diabetes

  • Built this success on an initial investment of £45m

The portfolio of WLSIF companies comprises:

Apitope International NV

CeQur SA

Interrad Medical Inc.

Medaphor plc

Proton Partners International Ltd.

ReNeuron plc

Simbec Orion Ltd

Sphere Medical plc

Verona Pharma plc

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