Wales Life Sciences Investment Fund

The Fund will invest in Life Sciences and related medical, pharmaceutical and healthcare companies currently based in Wales, and also in companies from across the UK, Europe and the rest of the world, where such investment will bring meaningful developmental and economic benefit to Wales. The Fund will make initial investments of between £500,000 and £5,000,000, and will preserve capital to provide follow-on investments. Larger investments may be considered in consultation with the Welsh Government. Arthurian will spread investments by risk, sub-sector, age or funding requirement and will consider companies of all sizes, both start-ups and mature companies, and will do both early & late stage investments. The Fund will primarily:

  • Focus on a small number of companies
  • Encourage, support, grow and build up most promising existing companies and new start-ups
  • Attract non-Welsh companies and entrepreneurs to Wales
  • Attract corporate venture spin-outs to Wales
  • Encourage and back international partnerships
  • Focus across the full spectrum of Life Sciences sector – healthcare, diagnostics, medical technology, biotech and pharmaceuticals
  • Back smart and experienced people
  • Attract international co-investors
  • Generate significant amounts of positive press coverage for Wales and the Welsh Government